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here’s the original photograph

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Tinting a Scan

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Art Event: Brian Finnegan/William Coutler Concert

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Brian Finnegan/William Coutler Concert

October 8 – CSUSM, Arts 111

The Brian Finnegan and William Coulter concert introduced me to a unique and new sound.  This sound was created by multiple different flutes played by Brian Finnegan, combined with the blue grass guitar played by William Coulter.  The combined songs created an upbeat rhythmic melody that engaged the audience.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much and just went to use it as art event since I had some friends going for another class. I was pleasantly surprised though to find out that I somewhat enjoyed it. I wouldn’t go around playing it in my car, but I definitely enjoyed the music (maybe more for background music while I’m doing things around the house)

The flute playing of Brian Finnegan was filled with his Irish heritage. It was fun because the audience got really into it, and were stomping and clapping along to the tune. The songs created an energy in the room that I for one was not expecting..


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Art Event: Triptych, Diptych Show

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Triptych, Diptych Show

Monday, November 29

This semester I was enrolled in a photo documentary class. We each had to select a topic and create a photo documentary multi media piece.  Before the final piece was turned in, we were asked to create diptychs or triptychs using photos from our project. We then had them printed and displayed them on the wall in ARTS 342 for the class to see.

I really enjoyed looking at my other classmates pieces of work. We have been looking at eachothers stuff all semester, so it was nice to see something finished from everyone that represented their project. Putting two images together that look good is challenging. We had to use some of the concepts we learn in this graphic design class as far as movement. Your eyes have to move across the images nicely and in a logical order.

It was really fun, it was like we made our own little gallery. My project was on golf and following your dreams. These are the two images I have displayed in the room.

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Art Event: Pageant of the Masters

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Pageant of the Masters, Laguna Beach

Tuesday, August 31

Early in the semester I went to one of my favorite yearly events. It is a show called Pageant of the Masters held in Laguna Beach, CA. It is an event of “living pictures.” Real people pose by backdrops and special lighting is used making it look like a real picture. I have been going to this event every year since I was in middle school. Each year there is a different theme for the event, making it something to see every year. This years theme was “Eat, Drink, and be Merry.”

This year was really fun to see all the celebration art in the show. This event is a great modern way to view amazing pieces of art. I always leave this event in such a happy mood. Its also great because before the show starts, in the entrance there are a ton of booths set up full of local artists from Laguna displaying their work. I always have such respect for the artists there as well as the performers putting it on. This is an event I recommend to anyone who loves art and wants to see it displayed in such a different form.

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Rolling Mesh

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Art Event: Dios De Los Muertos

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Dios De Los Muertos Festival, Oceanside

Sunday, October 31

I have never been to a day of the dead celebration before. It was very interesting to see all the different booths set up, and art being displayed. There was such a variety of booths with food, merchandise, and general information. The section where all the altars were displayed though was a site to see. It was interesting how each table was set up by a different family, but they all had a very similar theme in colors and decorations.  Personally, I’m not really into skulls and stuff, but obviously these symbols fit the theme of this event. I think it is wonderful to experience different cultures, how they celebrate events.

As far as inspiration, I loved the orange color of the flowers and they way they were displayed. The event seemed very well put together. The only flaw I can think of is, it would have been nice to have a walk-up altar in which people visiting the event could have placed an item of remembrance. Or if this was there, better signage to locate it because I could not find one.


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Type Effects

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